NEC 1100092

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  • Technical Features

Technical Features for NEC 1100092

The NEC 1100092 is a SLNet license, which is perfect for a virtual office phone system network or a multi-site business. It provides VoIP networking capability for up to five sites. Each system in the network must be equipped with a VoIP Daughter Board and for 32 VoiP Channels, the 16-Channel Voip license is also required.

1100092 Features:
  • SLNet License
  • Centralized Network Attendant
  • Centralized Or Local Voice Mail System
  • Intercom Between All Sites
  • Allows Sharing of Trunks Between All Sites
  • BLF & Centralized Park Orbits Across The Network
  • Maximum 256 Combined Network Trunk & Station Ports
  • Maximum 32 Network Channels Allowed
  • Requires SL1100 System Software 1.5 or higher
  • One SLNet License Is Required For Each Site In The Network
The NEC 1100092 has many exciting features for users of all types. The NEC 1100092 is sold as a Brand New Unopened Item.